How to spot the next Google: The FREE Venture Funding Newsletter by the Venator Partners

by admin on June 11, 2011

I’m sure paying $849 a year to receive the financial industry’s most comprehensive weekly summary of companies receiving venture capital, growth equity and angel deals across all industries it is probably worth it, this is the price charged by Forbes to delivery the Venture Capital Funding Digest to investors every month, but since I focused on the tech industry this is information that thanks to the Venator Partners I can get every single week for free. The Venator Report is a weekly electronic newsletter that tracks IPO’s, Venture Funding, Mergers & Acquisitions and Executive Moves in the Software, Internet, Digital Media, Clean Tech and Defense industries. If you like to keep up with the rapidly changing world of Venture Capital and growth companies this is a newsletter you can’t miss. The Venator Partners have gave me a great insight of what is coming next and hopefully spot the next Google or Microsoft.

Things have change a bit though, since now early investors and investment banks make a large amount of private investments before a company goes public, this practice dramatically decrease the potential profit for late investors acquiring publicly traded on an IPO.

Regardless, based on the number of investments in specific technologies/sub-industries I can easily detect what would be the next big thing, for instance over the past few editions of the newsletter I have seen an increasing number of companies focused on the mobile payment industry that being funded or acquired, by these numbers I’m sure that this industry would be the next big thing in the short term.

I highly recommend this newsletter for tech investors, forget about paying $849 a year for information you can get from Venator Partners completely free, here you can see all previous newsletter from Venator Partners here, and see but yourself the great and valuable information you can find there.

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