Fun Facts About Money

by admin on November 5, 2012

Paper money was first printed in the United States in 1862. There was a shortage of coins during the time of the Civil War. People started hoarding coins because of their value and the uncertainty of other paper money printed by states and banks. Money has gone through some changes over the past 150 years. While many things about our paper currency change, some things say the same. Let’s look at some fun facts about money.

Have you ever wondered how much money weighs? No matter what bill you are holding in your hand the both weigh the same. A $1 bill and that $100 bill both have the same weight. The weight is exactly 1 gram. With this measurement we can easily calculate how much large denominations of money weigh.

Let’s cut directly to the chase and reveal how much $1 million weighs. There are 490 notes in one pound. If you have $1 million made up of one dollar bills it would weigh 2040.8 pounds. If you use $100 bills to equal your $1 million you will have 20.4 pounds.

Paper money not only has weight, it also has height. Using $1 bills the height of $1 million is about 360 feet. Using $100 bills, $1 million is about three and a half feet. Paper currency in the United States and around the world has many interesting facts. I hope you enjoyed some of these facts. Go out and learn more about your money.

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